Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I just want to make a fucking contact sheet

WHY ever remove a feature from software?!

Am I the only person who still wants to make contact sheets with Photoshop?
I don't want to use a PDF file or web gallery, I just want to make a fucking jpg like I used to which has a load of thumbnails of my photos. JESUS CHRIST.

So I've installed the gay "legacy" plug ins from Adobe and DEFINITELY followed the instructions and it still doesn't work.

I just get "The command "<Unknown>" isn't currently available"

That is GREAT. Another fail for adobe 'good on paper - shit in real life'™

Monday, December 13, 2010

Returning to Premiere makes it hang for 15 minutes

If I switch to firefox or anything and straight back to Premiere CS5, it's unresponsive for 15 minutes!

14hrs of video in the timeline, very modern PC

Back to life

An hour after that post, Prem has come back to life, let me put all 14 hrs in the timeline and is scrubbing nicely.
It's taking up 2 of my 6GBs of ram.


Just upgraded to CS5 + SYSTEM SPECS

...Production Premium, because I complained so long and hard at Adobe about how CS4 didn't do anything for me that it advertised they just gave in and awarded me a complimentary upgrade.

Sounds good. But I've spent 2 days just getting past the stage of importing.

2 Live chats to support
Loads of googling, asking on adobe forums and
3 phone calls with adobe (including screen sharing + control) later, 

I've managed to import clips but Premiere still
  1. hangs for several minutes or forever, each time I leave it for a moment and return (eg. making this post)
  2. Half the clips I've imported are apparently 'offline'

Uninstalled CS4 production premium student licence and installed CS5 Production premium upgrade. During install it said both CS5 and CS4 serials were invalid...installed as a trial.
(I think it's activated itself now, as under Help there's an option saying 'Deactivate')

It would  just die when I imported my 1,500 video clips of XDCAM EX (shots averaging 20 seconds). Not take ages, but actually die (5 mins before progress bar appeared, 10 min wait, progress bar completes but it hangs forever)

Support deleted some cache, updated Quicktime etc, and now I've gotten as far as importing them successfully; I even managed to get some of the 1,500 in the test he did with me INTO the timeline and scrub a bit, then infinite hang.
In the real project file, I can't even get anything in the timeline before infinite hang.

In case it's relevant: I did the workaround to get my GTX480 supported in Premiere.

System drive is Intel SSD
Video is on SATA hdds
Win7 64bit
6GB Corsair ram
i7 920 D0
no sound card (cause it doesn't fit) using onboard SoundMAX

all latest drivers for everything as far as I know (apart from most of the Adobe software; it was hundreds of MB so I only updated Premiere)